Monday, May 7, 2012

Reason #21: letting go and moving on

One of the things I'm really digging about my reasons for dreadlocks series is the patterns that crop up!  Today's reason is from Dianna, and it's really two, and together they offer something I see a lot of -- which I think is akin to a rite of passage, maybe -- and something new to me, but probably just as common in the world.

Dianna's more mature than I am
First time out, Dianna made what was a big commitment to her:  a full year with dreadlocks.  (Now that I've passed the year mark myself, I wonder if my five-year commitment was biting off more than I can chew.  No . . . but it's still a bit nuts.)  She says it was "an exercise in letting go" of her appearance, so she could "focus on [her] inner beauty" instead.  It actually also "helped me to see my outward natural beauty" after she looked beyond mascara and eyeliner.

After her year was up, Dianna's hair had clumped into some pretty big sections, and her scalp wasn't digging it, so she took 'em out.  Awhile later, she applied that experience to her second set of locks, which are a couple of months older than mine.

This time around, Dianna was specifically looking to mark a transition.  As she told me via Facebook:

My marriage fell apart, my grandmother passed away, and I left behind a masters degree to take to the road. I travel now, and I earn a modest and plain living working various renaissance festivals. Many of us who travel have or have had dreadlocks. I suppose you could say some view them as a rite of passage. For me, perhaps they are just that, and more.

So yeah, I've heard similar stories, and I will probably hear more of both types of reasons in the future.  Now I'm starting to think I should be doing a better job tagging these posts so we can see what types of reasons we've all got.

Feel free to suggest tags in the comments!  Do it generically or, if you're in a super-helpful mood, visit the list of reasons for dreadlocks and suggest them directly on your favorite post!

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